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On May 12, 2010, Licensed to Kill’s Senior VP of Corporate Communications attended Philip Morris International's shareholder meeting in New York City. Here is her follow up question to a statement made by an anti-"tobacco industry health" activist (and CEO Camilleri's response, "You know I listen to you and frankly what you just said was not only outrageous it was really shocking. We spend a lot of money to try to eradicate poverty to try to eradicate child labor in regions that have suffered tremendously through huge civil unrest in Columbia and you are here saying that we have to stop that? That the illiteracy rates in parts Columbia are like 40% and you want us to stop helping educate those children so that they can find jobs and so that they can get out of poverty. It's outrageous. I mean That's all I have to say. I can't believe you would say stuff like that."):

Cora Prutspin, with Licensed to Kill once more. I just wanted to make a quick follow up question to that somewhat passionate woman with Corporate Accountability International. As she says, this company does do a lot of so-called "charitable donations" around the world. And as you and I know, Louis, the most charitable thing we could do is perhaps stop marketing to kids around the world. However, of course, we can't save the people who smoke, but can help kids learn to read …our cigarette packs. But what I would like to say, really, is, you know, our industry -- our company has nothing to hide. That's why we pride ourselves on being truthful, and I didn't hear you answer her question of whether your [company] is going to be transparent and make that list of all these corporate social responsibility programs public, since you're so proud of them. Will you follow in our footsteps?

CAMILLERI'S RESPONSE: No, we will not follow in your footsteps, because I think you're going down a misguided path. However, we will post all our contributions on our website as we have done, as well as all our political contributions and I would like to see you do the same. Thank you.

Licensed to Kill, Inc applauds Philip Morris International's pledge to make its "charitable" and political contributions public. And for the record, since CEO Camilleri asked, Licensed to Kill, Inc is a longtime, proud supporter of Forlorn Faces Orphanage. As we like to say, "We don't just build the orphanage, we fill it too!"

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